How To Order Undetected Fake Bills From Us

To make an order for any of our counterfeit bills is a simple process.

  • Go to any of the product pages, AUD, USD, EURO, CAD or GBP.
  • Select quantity of counterfeit currency you need.
  • Select mode of shippment. Regullar or Express.
  • Select payment method. Bitcoin or Gift Cards.
  • Copy the total.
  • Enter name, email, tel and delivery address.
  • Enter any additional information such as denomination, position to deposit package, etc.
  • Make payment using your preferred payment method.
  • Upload proof of payment.
  • Click on PLACE ORDER.

NB: An agent will contact you as soon as possible and processing begins immediately after payment confirmation.

A first email shall be sent to you for order and payment confirmation.

A second email will be sent after specifying the nature of packing, shipping services use, tracking number, departure time, and an estimated delivery time.