Counterfeit Money Sales Shipping Methods

To ensure maximum security while delivering clients’ packages of counterfeit money, we ship in camouflage packages.

Packaging of undetected Fake Bills

We may not want to go to the details on how we package our fake bills to trick authorities. This is because we understand authorities may also come online reading on our website trying to get information to track us and our clients down.

We put the fake bills in an unimaginable container that even the wisest Police or custom cannot imagine. We reserve such information only for our clients in private, to help them identify their packages.

Advise To Clients Buying Counterfeit Money from Us

We also advise clients to give us delivery address a little bit distant from their real home, to give them the advantage of observing before stepping into pickup bills.

Counterfeit Money Sales has made special underground negotiations with some shipping companies, as an additional precaution to ensure the shipped out bills reach their destinations safely. As a matter of safety, we can’t mention the name of the shipping services on our website as authorities may decide to go after them.

Shipping Methods For Our Fake Undetected Bills

The two modes of shipment involve are;

Regular Delivery

This will take 24 to 48 hours within the US and will cost $30.

For packages going abroad, regular delivery may take up to 94 hours depending and the distance and number of transits. The cost for the fake bill package shipment is $35.

Express/Next Day Delivery

Express Delivery of our fake banknotes within the US costs $45, the package is shipped out the same day, to arrive the next morning.

Express delivery abroad costs $50 dollars and arrives in a maximum of 48 hours. Shipment is done the same day. And at times from a different production house that can be closer to the destination.