Counterfeit Money Sales Payment Methods

At Counterfeit Money Sales we accept only the two most secured payment methods. We chose these methods of receiving payment because of their high level of anonymity.

We fully understand the business we do is illegal and highly censored by state authorities of every country in the world. As such we ensure maximum security measures to protect both ourselves and clients. We don’t take any risk whatsoever for any reason. We prefer not to sell than to put ourselves in danger of the police.

We receive payment for our high quality undetectable fake bills through the following means;

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency network. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is 100% anonymous but at the payee and payer end. The is no way whatsoever in tracking the sender, the receiver, nor the reason of payment. It is 100% free from government sensorship hence can be used with no fear. We chose these as our number one payment method because it fully secure us and our clients.
  • Gift Card: Gift card on the other hand is also anonymous, as it is not attached to any personal identification from which someone can be tracked by police. You make the purchase of the card and the card exist as an isolation. With that we that we are sure neither us or our clients can be monitored or investigated by state authorities.

We do not accept payment methods for our fake banknotes like CashApp, Western Union, Paypal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, etc for the following reason.

  • CashApp is linked to bank account that can easily be traced to an individual.
  • Western Union, MoneyGram and Wire Transfer Expose both us and our clients to public places which can be very risky.
  • Paypal is also linked to bank account which can easily be monitored.

We believe we are doing our best to protect both ourselves and clients as we sell our quality fake money. We believe in our quality and wish all our buyers a happy rich life thereafter.