Counterfeit Money Sale Terms and Conditions

The name of our company is Counterfeit Money Sales that can be abbreviated as CoMoSa. Our website name is

We want to begin by letting our clients know that, the buying and selling of counterfeited currency are illegal in every nation around the world. Hence we can guarantee you of following all regular proceedings in the course of our interaction.

Objectives of Counterfeit Money Sales

We have just two objectives which are;

  • Selling best quality counterfeit money to our clients to help eliminate poverty and provide easy life.
  • And while doing so, to protect ourselves and clients from anything that may bring any of us or our activity closer to the authority.

We put the aspect of safety before every other thing, hence we reserve the right to decide who to sell to and refuse selling to anyone we deem not safe enough.

Your use on this website means you are 18 years and above and also approve to understand the business you are involved in is illegal according to government law.

The rights we reserved in our selling of quality fake bills.

Things we don’t do in the course of selling fake money;

  • We have limited media about the banknotes we sell to prevent fraudsters copying images/videos from our website and using to steal from innicent people who genuinely want to buy counterfeit money.
  • We do not send additional pictures or videos to prospective clients for whatsoever reason. This is also because fraudsters may contact us with no intention to buy, get sufficient data and use to scam people, painting black the name of the industry at the detriment of both us the genuine sellers and the victimized client(s).
  • We do not take calls (whether audio or video) as that may expose us to authorities. Text only.
  • We reserve the right not to give answers to sensitive questions such as, shipping angency, and mode of packaging for security reasons.
  • Even though we operate in several other countries, with a main office in the United states, we may never expose our real location to any client, no put it on our website for security reasons.

Information entered on our website is very discrete and used only to process and deliver clients’ orders. Additional information may be requested by our security department through the sales department to ensure the person we are selling to is not an investigator.

You Can Order Any Of the Counterfeit Currencies Below or CONTACT for custom orders.