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Counterfeit US Dollar Bills Description

We sell original American Dollars of all denominations which include the;

  • 5 dollar bills
  • 10 dollar bills
  • 20 dollar bills
  • 50 dollar bills
  • 100 dollar bills
  • The 1 dollar bill is only sold on special command and at a higher price.

Cost Fake USD Bills At Counterfeit Maney Sales

We set our prices of counterfeit money in the United States dollar based on our production cost, we calculate very well to ensure we strike a balance between what we benefit and what our clients benefit.

The prices for the counterfeit currency American dollars are as below with respect to the quantity needed. The prices shown below exclude shipping costs.

  • 2500 USD = $300
  • 5000 USD = $600
  • 10000 USD = $1200
  • 20000 USD = $2400
  • 40000 USD = $4800
  • Higher amounts considered as mass or wholesale production can be negotiated with our sales agent.

NB: Shipping of our US Dollar Bills may cost from $30 to $50 depending on your location and mode of shipment.

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